Monday, March 22, 2010

Tidoq la wei

All of them are buzy to register course for next sem, me as well. Next sem I've got more tough subject and very pack schedule. Not feeling anything cuz I predicted bout it already.

What about me? I felt myself is so strange. I'm so not me today. Mungkinkah sebab tak cukup tidur . Hahaha ye la tu. Dah tidur 6 jam pun still tak cukup bagi saye. But siyesly, last night I just sleep for only 4 hours and night before only for half an hours. How poor me. And tonight for sure I'll cover that by sleep for 8 hours. Hopefully I can't make it.

Sleep is nice. Indah lagi kalau saye dapat mimpi yang manis. Sweet dream! There's a lot of disadvantages if we get lack of sleep and the obvious problem is

dare to sleep in class while ur so-called "berwibawa" lecture was giving u a very very important tips.

So what should I conclude here, of cuz sleep is important. And u, people around me, please don't asked why I always lying lazily on my bed, hugging my bucuk pillow. Its not my intention to do so. I just want to have enough sleep.

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