Friday, February 19, 2010

desperation smell

Can we trust someone from Internet, I mean chatting at YM then when he ask you to go out are you will going?. Hmmm, here some from what I get today...

aiReL .: awk kua sorg tau
aiReL .: sy mls nk kua rmai2

farah_reza: apsal lak
farah_reza: u leh jamin ke safety i
farah_reza: klu kua bedua je ng u

aiReL .: perghhh
aiReL .: u mst percya kt sy

farah_reza: ermmm

aiReL .: klo x caya awk blh pegang ic sy nnt
aiReL .: amik la

farah_reza: ne tau u ni pervert ke

aiReL .: kunci moto sy ke
aiReL .: hahaha
aiReL .: amacam?
aiReL .: pervet pe plak ni?
aiReL .: ingat sy ni trok sgt ke

farah_reza: hahaha
farah_reza: kan skg byk kes perogol dri internet

aiReL .: awk ni ape la
aiReL .: sy bkn 1st time kua ngan org
aiReL .: huhuhu

farah_reza: ea a 2
farah_reza: who knows rite

aiReL .: klo sy rogol org da lama sy kne tangkap

farah_reza: eh????

Huh, he said this is not first time he dating with someone, Let digest, he definitely spend a lot of time chatting and ask girl 2 hanging up with. So probably he's a pervert, hahahaha. So I'm absolutely not going out with him. For my future sake at least.

But there a some desperation smell here.

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